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This is February 01, 2017.

Thank you Mom and Dad for such a great opportunity to be here with you. I love you so much, yours forever Kasian. I also welcome everyone who is or will be visiting me here. Please come often, leave me your story in comments, read about me so we can become friends for life. Today is the first day we can be together and this is going to be an amazing journey.

Today is a BIG DAY!

I was born. It happened at 9:58 AM PST in Henderson NV USA. My first day was kind a busy day for me. A lot to do. First, I was born. This take me a while but you know it is not easy. After I got out, everything just start rolling fast.

First what I did, I take a good look at my Mom, My Mom, she is great, she is the greatest mom in entire Universe! She smile to me and she is always for me when I need her.

My Dad, is also great. He acts like he is so proud of… well I’m not sure if he is more proud of me or of him how good job he did. Anyway he is running a lot around making sure everything is OK, he is very helpful… well at least that what he think. Let him have that 😉 I love them both so much.

After I meet my parents for the first time, everybody start coming and coming and visiting me. Looking at me and making those funny faces and making funny noises. They are really funny and I have a lot of fun just to look at them. Anyway my first Day was great. I make new friends and I’m happy to be here. Below I upload few picks from these visits. Thanks everyone for coming I love you all, Kasian.



February/ Luty 02, 2017

My Dad looks so happy and I’m very glad i can mak him smile. I love you Dad 🙂

February/ Luty 03, 2017

Hello again. Here I am. Today is the February 3th. It is already whole 3 days since I was born, wow… time is flying. Did you notice how much I already grow up. Let me tell you, if this continue I will personally drive my parents home from here. 🙂

Today is time to… GO HOME! I’m ready, but feel kine a sleepy so i let my dad to drive as home. My Mom call for Limo but I tell her that it is not necessary, so we go home driving our car.                                        

February 05, 2017 – Luty 05, 2017

Today I met Yoda. This was very interesting and I think Yoda is a very smart guy. We become friends and as you can see below he give me some advises. Take a look, read it and it may help you in your life’s difficulties.

Monday February 06, 2017

Today was a busy day. Me and my Dad we went to my first doctor visit, just to make sure I’m 100% OK. I’m OK and doctor said I’m even better than average :). Well I was expecting that but this was just for the record. Whole trip was exited for me. We drove with my Dad and I had a chance to take a look how my beautiful city looks like. I’m telling you, Las Vegas is just SUPER! We arrived on time and my dad fill this never-ending form first. Than they ask me to take my cloths off, figure that!!! But unfortunately it was necessary so dad help me a little to do that. Dr. check me out and after they make some notes (whatever) it was done. Let me tell you i got tired from all that. She, (the doctor) flip me upside down, on the side, look at my eyes and ears, etc. Who couldn’t get tired after all that? So I fell a sleep and Dad take me home.

PS: And my Grandpa was there too… such a sweet 😉

February 09, 2017

I can turn myself over ALREADY! I got prove of it, my Dad videotaped it :).

February 12, 2017 / Luty 12 2017


Hello Friends! It’s been a while since I post new info here but life is busy, trust me on that one. A lot is happening every day and I barely got time to rest. Anyway, here is what is going on now.  I’m growing and getting stronger every day, My Mom and my Dad are so great. They are taking care of me and I’m really proud of them. Here are a few new picks from my busy life. Let me know in comments what you think.

With Mom is always save.


February 15, 2017 – Luty 15, 2017

Hello Friends. Today was a VERY important day for me, I went for the first time to doctor office to start my feet therapy. I didn’t mention that before but I need to take care of that and it is going to be long time process. So far everything looks very optimistic. Doctor put my feet and legs into special devices so my feet can grow in the right position. I’m a little confused what and how it will goes but everybody is so optimistic so I’m not so much worried. Wish me luck friends and so long. please visit my blog here and let me know how are you doing in comments. Thank you, Kasian.

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