Policies & Procedures / Rules & Regulations

Terms of use of the directory database  i-AdMe.com 

These regulations specify the terms and conditions of use of the database provided by the i- AdMe.com 

Catalog i-AdMe.com authorizes you to use the Internet service from the database to a limited extent resulting from the regulations .

Database in  i-AdMe.com contains information about entities that are natural or legal persons who are established in the United States of America territory and beyond its borders. The database also contains information about other entities, that such activities do not lead , and carried an information database to allow for their identification .

i-AdMe.com is not responsible for the content uploading on i-AdMe.com by its users .
Company or person who is registering in the portal is responsible for all content that contains ad and all the presentations, in particular, the advertiser is responsible for the accuracy of the data , the accuracy of the content of ads , as well as compliance with applicable laws , customs and moral standards and these Regulations . The company also bears the legal consequences for the use of names, words and restricted characters .
All information about the products or services posted on the site , and most of all data on the origin of goods , brand, manufacturer , should be accurate, complete, accurate and not misleading customers. If you violate any of these rules , i-AdMe.com is authorized at any time to remove published by the company , presentation, or all of the mini and the Company is not entitled to reimbursement of expenses or separate compensation.
Making an entry in the database i-AdMe.com done by filling out the registration form . Its fulfillment is tantamount to acceptance of these rules .
Any promotional materials such as videos, photos , presentations or text messages sent and posted on www.i-AdMe.com by entities of advertising on the website , can be placed by i-AdMe.com well as other known and publicly available networks in accordance with the principles of the data storage and processing .
The user accepts the right of the i-AdMe.com to compose according to the editorial standards specific to the publication data in the form of entry and selection by i-AdMe.com industry where entry is posted . You hereby waive any and all claims and -AdMe.com for any errors or omissions in placed entry .
By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to receive information about the provision of services electronically , transmitted by i-AdMe.com  and OOxAA , LLC
The service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. However, i-AdMe.com reserves the right to make interruptions caused by sudden accidents or maintenance service . i-AdMe.com in no event be liable for any losses caused by such interruptions .
The data obtained through the Internet service i-AdMe.com may only be used for private purposes of the individual user or for the company to obtain business information about other companies in order to establish with these entities trade cooperation , by which is meant that the data above is not can be used for commercial purposes ( each) , as well as not for public information activities , unless , they are based on a separate agreement with i-AdMe.com and OOxAA , LLC or order confirmed invoice.
This , among others, is not allowed :
a) the use of information obtained from the database to perform a mail merge , regardless of its nature and content ,
b ) Paid or unpaid share information obtained from the database to third parties , as well as publishing or disseminating the information. You may make printouts from the database exclusively on their needs,
c ) access to the database using the software which is not a simple web browser is a breach of these rules and is a prerequisite to a finding of a violation of the Act .
In case of violation of the conditions of this Regulation or of justified assumptions by i-AdMe.com and OOxAA , LLC, that the user intends to or violates these terms and conditions , in particular through the use of the product, or part thereof in the conduct of business, assistance in carrying out professional services or any commercial activities or the public , the company reserves the right to block user access to the site and – AdMe.com . In addition, i-AdMe.com and OOxAA , LLC may in such a case to pursue their claims for damages relating to the violation of intellectual property rights and the rights of third parties.
Product i-AdMe.com and OOxAA , LLC makes every effort to provide users with the highest quality of service . The company shall not be liable for any losses or lost profits user in connection with the use of the site i-AdMe.com , and due to erroneous information contained in the database or improper functioning of the Internet.
Catalog i-AdMe.com and OOxAA , LLC reserves the right to suspend / block / delete your account / listing, which violates any of the provisions of these Regulations , in particular:
– Any kind of spam .
-Advertise competitive advertising services .
– The use of words generally considered vulgar.
– Ads containing defamatory content or detrimental to other users of cataloging i-AdMe.com , OOxAA employees or their partners.
– Ads pornographic content in any form of written and visual (photos, drawings, sketches, etc ) .
– Ads whose content is vulgar ,
– Advertisements containing content and images violate the law in force in USA (eg pornography involving children ) .
– Ads offensive, defamatory .
– Ads incite to violence or hatred on national , racial and religious .
– Ads advertising services and goods not related to the subject of the notice or illegal.
– Ads contrary to commonly accepted rules of netiquette .
– Ads in contradiction with the Polish law and international law .
– Ads declared to be contrary to the rules and can act to hurt the i-AdMe.com directory or its users as well as , the company OOxAA , LLC or its partners .
Administration and directory i-AdMe.com and OOxAA company reserves the right to remove ads incomplete , vague , and those with low credibility .
Ads contains Buy / Sell as subject are not allowed and administration of the i-AdMe.com and OOxAA company reserves the right to delete such ads

In the event of a breach of one or more a / rules points , i-AdMe.com reserves the right to:
a) the implementation of individual restrictions on access to the site for each user
b ) to withdraw from the publications with contact information
c ) a user’s account and notice of appeal or permanently .
In case of breaking the rules and directory i-AdMe.com and blocking ads , you waive any claims for payment filed and any commission charged with TheBePlan.com and connected with the publication of this and other user ads published on pages i-AdMe.com . You have the right to appeal the decision of the user’s account and notice in writing no later than 10 working days from the user’s account and classifieds . The appeal needs to be sent to the email address cs-dispute@ooxaa.com or OOxAA Customer Service, 3441 W. Sahara Ave. , Suite C -4 , Las Vegas, NV 89102 , USA. Product and company i-AdMe.com and OOxAA , LLC undertakes to examine an appeal user within 30 days from the date of receipt of the appeal . Pending the outcome of the appeal , any activity and other publications in the catalog and i-AdMe.com as well as user fees , will be suspended .
Product and company i-AdMe.com and OOxAA , LLC reserves the right to change these Terms and launch a new version at any time.
With a complex computer system , operating on such a large scale as in the case directory and i-AdMe.com , technical failures may occur due to hardware problems , or software, or independent of the directory and i-AdMe.com . Product and company i-AdMe.com and OOxAA not be held liable for system failures and does not return , therefore, any costs incurred by the users associated with the malfunctioning of the advertisement portal .
Catalog i-A

dMe.com is not responsible for the quality of the data from the database of companies cooperating with the service . When an entry in the database user accepts all points of the Rules .In cases not covered by these Regulations , the provisions of the Law on the protection of databases .